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Oakland, CA


Tax Preparation in Oakland, CA

For your Oakland, CA, tax preparation needs, turn to the trusted professionals at Wyatt & Associates. As an established accounting firm, we understand that tax season can be trying even under the best of circumstances. By committing ourselves to client satisfaction, we look to replace your stress with the comfort of high-quality, detail-oriented service.

A Full-Service Approach

Whether you’re filing as an individual, jointly, or on behalf of a business, you deserve to have someone looking out for your best interests. Thanks to comprehensive knowledge of state and federal tax regulations, our team can identify the appropriate way to meet your needs. For short form returns, we’ll consult with you to ensure vital deductions aren’t being overlooked. If you’re filing a more complex return, we won’t hesitate to dig through your books and receipts. In either case, we’ll make sure your return is filled out correctly and filed on time.

On Your Terms

When it comes to your Oakland, CA, tax preparation needs, Wyatt & Associates is proud to offer convenient year-round service. Moreover, we offer flexible Monday – Saturday appointment hours and quick responses to all inquiries. Call today for more information.